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Charge: Hit and Run Causing Property Damage

Client had a CDL and was charged with Hit and Run Causing Property Damage. Client paid the ticket before consulting an attorney and the received an Order for Disqualification to Drive CMV due to the conviction. Client hired Attorney Cohen who was able to reopen the conviction, lift the Order for Disqualification, and ultimately amend the charge to a non-reportable offense.

Charge: Felony Hit and Run

Client was charged with felony Hit and Run Causing Injury for allegedly striking a 13-year old pedestrian in a crosswalk with a vehicle. At the Preliminary Examination, Attorney Cohen brought out that the incident occurred at night and the victim was wearing dark clothing. Despite the fact that the client had stopped twice to check behind him, and later acknowledged to police that he knew he had hit something. Outcome: Attorney Cohen was successful in getting the charge dismissed.

Charge: Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct

Two clients, each charged with Domestic Violence/Disorderly Conduct had their cases dismissed after showing no further violations of law.

Charge: Shoplifting

Client was a local businessman and very concerned about loss of his reputation in the community if convicted of the charge. Outcome: Attorney Cohen was able to have the charge dismissed.

Charge: OAR and criminal Bail Jumping

Attorney Cohen assisted the client in reinstating her driver’s license, and he was then able to get the Bail Jumping charge dismissed and have the OAR amended to a minor traffic ticket with only a fine.

Charge: Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse, Possession of THC and Possession of Paraphernalia

Client was charged with Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse, Possession of THC and Possession of Paraphernalia, all criminal charges. A conviction for the DC would have meant a lifetime prohibition of possessing any firearm. Outcome: After investigation and negotiations, the prosecutor ultimately agreed to dismiss the Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse charge, as well as the Possession of THC.

Charge: Maintaining a Drug House

Client had straightened his life around but was denied good jobs because of the old felony conviction on his record. Numerous negotiation sessions with the prosecutor finally resulted in agreement to vacate the felony conviction which would be replaced with 2 misdemeanors. The judge ultimately approved the negotiations. Outcome: No additional sentence was imposed and the felony was vacated.