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Attacking Prior Convictions – Matthew Murray

Getting Discovery From the Crime Lab – Michael Cohen                              

Ethics Presentation: – John Schiro

What Are Our Clients Up to Now?
Recurring Dilemmas for Lawyers Representing
Clients with Drug and Alcohol Problems

Riding High: The Science of THC Impaired Driving – J. Steven House   

and the Affirmative Defense in OWI-THC
Injury/Homicide Cases            

Drugged Driving: The Need for Speed – John Birdsall

How to Win Cases When Clients Lose Control

Driving with Prescription Drugs – Andrew Mishlove

Defeating the “Drug Recognition Officer:”  – Corey Mehlos

Practical Strategies for Attacking a Pseudoscience

Challenging Warrants in OWI Cases: – Adam Welch

OK, so they got a warrant—now what? 

Case Law/Legislative Update – Sarah Schmeiser

Advanced Topics in Breath Testing: – Lauren Stuckert

Breaking Down the Machine, the Data, and
Attacking the Test Results

Clinical Treatment of V.D. (Voir Dire, that is) – Kirk Obear

Mastering Jury Selection in OWI Cases

Advanced Trial Techniques   – Dennis Melowski


The OWI Litigation Battlefield: Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution – Kirk Obear

Learn the Ten Most Common DOT Pitfalls and Avoid Ethical Problem – Barry Cohen

The Dogs of (the Drug) War: Applying the “Mission” Requirement of Rodriquez v. United States in Every Case – John Birdsall

Case Law/Legislative Update – Sarah Schmeiser

Protecting Your Non-Citizen Client: The Long Shadow of Immigration Consequences – Moises Hernandez

Mother Truckers: CDL Issues – Matthew Murray

Don’t Believe the Hype: Disconnecting the Test Result – Michael Cohen and Aaron Nelson

Advanced Topics in Fighting Marijuana Driving Cases – Lauren Stuckert

Turning Nothing Into Something: How to Successfully Attack Blood Test Results without a Smoking Gun – Dennis Melowski


A Plethora of Pithy Points on ConfrontationMichele Tjader

Operation What & WhereJohn Schiro

Case Law UpdateSarah Schmeiser

Winning Prescription Med OWI CasesAaron Nelson

What’s Up DOC?: DOC Issues Every DUI Defense Attorney Should KnowKaryn Missimer

Ever Hear of Ben Matlock? How to Prepare Your Client for Cross-Examination in a Collateral Attack HearingKirk Obear

Know Your Neighbors: What You Need to Know About Neighboring State OWI Treatment
– Andrew Mishlove, Moderator
– Patrick Barone Birmingham, MI

– Donald Ramsell, Wheaton, IL
– Douglas Hazelton, Minneapolis, MN
– Robert Rehkemper, W. Des Moines IA

Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor:
SCR 20:3.8 and the Spirit of the Rules – ADA Michael Griesbach

Refusals: Turning the TideMatthew Murray

OWI Injury Cases: Techniques and Strategies to Get Your Client the Best ResultsLauren Stuckert

Challenging PC to Arrest Despite PBT EvidenceMichael Witt

IID? We Don’t Need No Stinking IIDCorey Chirafisi

Advanced Trial TechniquesDennis Melowski


How Good Faith (United States v. Leon) Can Help You Prove Bad Faith (Arizona v. Youngblood)
– John Henry Hingson
OWI Defense: From Intake to Acquittal
– Andrew Mishlove
Expert Witnesses: When to Bring Them, Where to Find Them, How to Use Them
– Lauren Stuckert
HGN 2.0: Advanced Issues in Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Testing – Using the Daubert Standard to Win at Trial
Kirk Obear
After McNeely: Update on Decisions After the Fall of Bohling
– Sarah Schmeiser
 What a Trial Lawyer Needs to Know About Appellate Law
 Ellen Henak
 This Roller Coaster Will Not Stop: The Brandon Bentdahl Saga
– Barry Cohen
Friending Social Media: Using it to Get Results
– Casey Hoff
Questioning Cops: The What, When and How’s of It
– Aaron Nelson
Collateral Attacks, Void Convictions and Out of State Convictions: Law and Strategy of Challenging Prior Convictions
– John Schiro
Withdrawal Symptoms: The Ethics of Dealing with Difficult Clients
– Karyn Missimer
Putting Theory Into Practice: Cross-Examining The State’s Blood Test Analyst Into a Not Guilty Verdict
– Dennis Melowski 



Warrant? We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant!
– Michele Tjader & Michael Witt
Ethics Presentation
– Barry Cohen
Open Records to Not Guilty: Trying a Blood Case from Start to Finish
– Lauren Stuckert
Breath Testing: The Basics and Beyond
– Andrew Mishlove
Blowing Past the Interlock: Avoiding IID in OWI/Refusal 1st Cases
– Casey Hoff
Advanced Affirmative Defense Considerations with OWI and Drug Related Accidents
– Daniel Billington
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HGN, But Were Afraid to Ask
– Kirk Obear
Custody Issues that Arise when Police Conduct FSTs Off-Site
– John Birdsall
“Accidentally” Giving Up Your Constitutional Rights?: Challenges to Blood Draws Under 343.305(3)(ar)
– Karyn Missimer
How the @%#! Did that Just Happen? Real Life Defenses that Left Prosecutors Scratching Their Heads
– Dennis Melowski


Having Your Cake & Eating it Too: Retrograde Extrapolation and Daubert
– Michael Witt
Confounding Constitutional Conundrums
– Michele Tjader
Ethics Presentation: Lawyering in the Clouds – Can you Negotiate Too Good of a Deal?
– William Weigel & Barry Cohen
Blood Testing: Basics and New Issues
– Andrew Mishlove
Master of Defense: Frequently Asked OWI Questions & Answers
– Jennifer Epps-Addison
Case Law Update
– John Schiro
The CSI Effect: Use of Cutting Edge Technology and Multimedia in the Courtroom
– Kirk Obear
Framing the Issues: Stops, Reasonable Suspicion, and Probable Cause
– Karyn Missimer
The Randy Hopper Case Deconstructed: A Lesson in Trial Strategy from Start to Finish
– Dennis Melowski


Daubert for Dummies
– John Schiro & Michele Tjader
Case Law Update and Preserving Issues for Appeal
– Barry Cohen
Act 100 Update
– Kirk Obear
Blood Testing Issues
– Andrew Mishlove
What Constitutes a Prior OWI Conviction
– Stephen Mays
Ethics Presentation: What Every Defense Attorney Needs to Know About Privilege and Confidentiality
– Timothy Pierce
On Its Last Breath: Fischer and the Constitutional Right to Present a Defense In Wisconsin
– Michael Witt
Getting the Most Out of Pretrial Monitoring Programs
– Sara Carpenter
Administrative Suspension Update
– Barry Cohen
Selected Issues in Refusals, FST, Drugged Driving
– Tracey Wood
Thinking Outside the Box: Creative Trial Strategies to Undermine Breath Test Evidence
– Dennis Melowski



Challenging PBT Evidence
– Stephen Mays
Necessity of Complete Discovery
– Michael Younglove
Collateral Attack Update: Prepare for the Prosecution’s Attack :
– Michele Tjader
Using Melendez-Diaz to Suppress Blood and Breath Tests
– Kirk Obear
Probation Revocation Issues
– Todd Snow
Bring Your File: Speed Analysis of Your Case
– Panel
The 911 Call: Winning the Stop Motion – Part I
– Michael Witt
911 – Part II
– Chad Lanning
Ethics Presentation: Social Media Networking and Lawyering – Avoiding the Mine Field
– Timothy Pierce
2009 Act 100: The New Drunk Driving Law Changes
– Lauren Stuckert
Winning a Drunk Driving Jury Trial From Start to Finish
– Dennis Melowski
Presumption of Innocence, Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Helping Juries “Get It”
– Richard L. Kaiser


Getting Started, Pleadings, Discovery, Investigation
– Andrew Mishlove
Motions/Challenges/Issues Refusal Hearing Administrative Suspension
Barry Cohen
Understanding Breath & Blood Testing
– Andrew Mishlove
Successful Negotiation Strategies
– Barry Cohen
Trial of an OWI Case
– Barry Cohen
Advanced Trial Issues: Ten Ways to Force the Prosecutor to Fumble
– John Schiro
Advanced Implied Consent Issues
– Chad Lanning
Advanced Blood Testing Issues & Challenges
– Michael Witt
Running a Highly Efficient & Low Cost OWI Practice
– Michele Tjader
Advanced Issues and Challenges to the Stop, Arrest & Search
– Sarvan Singh, Jr.
Weapons of Choice for the Defense: Using Open Records Law, Document Subpoenas and Brady Demands to Obtain ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence
– Erik Guenther
Case Law/Legislative Update
– Michael Rudolph
Ethics Presentation
– Waring Fincke
Defending an Operating Under the Influence of Drugs Charge
– Kirk Obear
How to Convert Loss of Automatic Admissibility of the Test into Suppression of Evidence
– Dennis Melowski



Causes and Burdens in Death and Injury Cases
– Michael C. Witt
Keynote Presentation: Prosecutors Don’t Win Cases, Attorneys Lose Them
– Mary Lou Robinson
Ethics Presentation: Swinging the Sword of Justice: Effective and Ethical Defense of Driving Under Influence Clients
– Raymond Dall’Osto
Preserving Issues for Appeal
– Stephen Mays
Deflating a Bunch of Hot Air: A Practical Approach to Undermining Breath Test Evidence
– Dennis M. Melowski
Out-of-State Driver Issues – Solving Common Post-Conviction Problems
– Andrew Mishlove
Lose the Battle But Win the WarHow to Attack Prior Convictions
– Michele A. Tjader
Legislative/Case Law Update
– Sarvan Singh, Jr.
The Sleeper Must Awaken: Converting the Blood Analyst from Enemy to Ally
– Kirk B. Obear
Sharpen Your Focus on the Person with the Needle: Cross-Examining the Person Who Drew Blood
– Chad A. Lanning



Basic Training and Resources for OWI Defense: Administrative Code, Statutes, Breath Test Manuals, Blood Manuals, Field Sobriety Test Manuals, books, Periodicals Getting the Initial Phone Call, Initial Client Meeting

Defining Issues, Problems & Goals
– Christopher A. Mutschler
Initial Documents: Administrative Suspension Hearing, Refusal Hearing, Discovery/Investigation
– Robert C. Raymond
Understanding Breath Testing – Understanding Blood Testing
– Tracey A. Wood
Understanding Field Sobriety Tests, Identifying Issues for Pretrial Motions, Jury Trial Preparation, Motions in Limine
– Michael C. Witt
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Demonstration
– Catherine Trimboli, Joseph Keil & Daniel Delmore
Voir Dire, Opening Statement, Cross-Examination of Arresting, Officer Cross-Exmaination of Backup Officer
– John S. Schiro
Cross-Examination of Breath Test Cop, Cross-Examination of Breath Test Expert
– Michele A. Tjader
Protecting Your Client’s Rights: Identifying and Dealing with Prosecutorial Misconduct and Ethical Violations
– Michael Cicchini
Cross-Examination of Phlebotomist, Objection to Raise if Not Present at Trial, Cross-Examination of Blood Test Expert, Objection to Raise if Someone Other Than Tester is There to Testify or If No-one is
– Dennis M. Melowski
Presenting Defense Case: Does Defendant Testify? Jury Instructions, Closing Argument
– Kirk B. Obear



Schmerbered Again in Margaritaville: Revitalizing the Fourth Amendment in OWI Cases
– Kirk Obear
OWI Homicide Cases: Defense and Sentencing Considerations
– Bill Ginsberg, G. Brian Brophy & Buckley Meade
Cross-examination of the Arresting Officer
 John Schiro
Pretrial Motions: Setting the Table for Dinner
 Steve Mays
How to Plead Guilty and Still Win: Collaterally Attacking Prior Convictions
– Michele Tjader
The Changing Face of DUI in Illinois From Rehabilitation to Retribution: What Every Wisconsin Attorney Should Know
 Dennis M. Kleper
Closing Arguments
– Christopher Mutschler
Using Municipal Court Procedures to Win Your OWI Case
– Rex Anderegg
The Anatomy of a Drunk Driving Amendment from Start to Finish
– Dennis M. Melowski
Alternatives to Incarceration in OWI Cases: Utilizing Forensic Social Workers
– Ryan Lister& Elton Louis
Ethics Presentation
– Barry S. Cohen & Dudley Williams